Makeup I Don’t Use As Much : Palettes

Happy Wednesday, y’all! So sorry for being away for a bit, but I decided to take a break from blogging a bit in order to get more motivated and come up with more blog posts in that time. With that has come this little series I’ll be doing this week and it’s makeup I don’t use as much and what I plan to do with them and my thoughts on them. For today’s first post it’ll be all about eyeshadow palettes. So like I’ve mentioned this is going to be me showing you the palettes I’ve not touched for a while and what I intend to do with them so let’s get into the palettes! 🙂

Here are the larger eyeshadow palettes I don’t reach for as much, but do love still. I just have a hard time using every one. I do plan to mix and match some shadows and see how the colors work and blend together so I’m looking forward to that. If I don’t use or touch any of these palettes in the next two months or so I’ll most likely pass them down to a family member or friend who could get better use out of it.

I’m sure you can tell which ones I’ve used more haha. Three of these palettes have been pretty loved however the black shade in the Kat Von D palette broke, sadly and I have barely touched the Chocolate Bar one but I hope to change that soon.

Now for the smaller eyeshadow palettes. I have the Tartelette from Tarte and Natural Eyes from Too Faced.

As you can see I’ve used them a good bit but recently for the smaller palettes I’ve been using the Tarteist and the Tartelette Tease palette but I’m going to try to incorporate these two palettes for every day go-to looks.

I’ve had this blush palette for a good while and I do love it, but I only use two of the blushes in the palette as I feel the others are too bright for my skin tone.

But I’m going to try and use them more and go in with a light hand , but I’ll be honest and say the more peachy colors kind of intimidate me haha but I’ll give them a try at least.

So those are all the palettes I don’t use as much, but do intend to use them more often in my day to day life and see how it works and see which ones I just don’t reach for and find them a new home.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

Do you have any palettes that you don’t use, but want to use more of?


4 thoughts on “Makeup I Don’t Use As Much : Palettes

  1. I love eye shadow palettes but I’ve gotten very simple with my eye makeup and it sometimes feel like I should just get singles instead. But I love the potential that palettes offer even if trying to think of color combinations (and pulling off a good application) is difficult at times.

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