Taking A Break.

Happy Saturday, y’all! So as you may (or may not) have noticed, posts have been kind of lacking on the blog lately and that’s because I just haven’t been motivated to do so. It’s pretty much the same as before, but maybe a tad bit worse, I don’t know. I don’t know if I want to start a new blog or continue with this one or if I want to blog at all anymore. I know I don’t want to leave it cold turkey, I don’t want to abandon my blog, but I also don’t want to just let it sit here, ya know?

I’m in a stump, but with that being said, I’m taking a break from blogging and will do school/life updates every now and then just so we’re still connected in a way.

I appreciate everyone who’s stopped by and read/commented on my blog posts and taking the time to read my little blog. If any of you want to see what I’ll be up to, please follow me on Instagram as I’ll be posting on there as I guess you could call it a “mini blog” as I do want to do makeup reviews/swatches still and all that, but in a more condensed and to the point kind of way.

My instagram is Citylovingsoutherner , follow me if you’d like. 🤗✨.

Thank you for understanding and taking the time to read my post! Happy Saturday, y’all, I hope it’s a great one! ✨


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