10 Things I’ve Learned So Far

Happy Sunday, y’all I hope it’s been a great day and weekend for all of you! For today’s post I’m going to be sharing some things I’ve learned in my 25 years of living on this earth and some are probably typical things one learns in life, but I had to learn them in a more slower pace than most so let’s get into it!

1. You can’t please everyone.

I’ve always been the type to want to please everyone so I can be liked or accepted or praised for doing things the right way or their way. It’s something I had done a lot in high school and once I graduated high school I decided and learned later on that I can’t please everyone – that’s impossible – so I haven’t tried to please every single person that comes into my life and if they see me and accept me for who I am, that’s okay and if not that’s okay to, you don’t have to be in my life if it doesn’t benefit you. Pleasing everyone is draining for myself and my sanity.

2. Comparisons are dangerous – don’t do it.

– I’ve had this come up a lot in middle/high school and it’s something that I hated and still hate to this day. Constantly comparing myself with others or friends and saying to myself, “why am I not like her” or “why can’t I dress like her” etc silly things like that – it affected me a lot and it was more about my own self love than anything, I didn’t love myself like I do today and yes, comparing yourself to others is something that’s not just going to go away in a heartbeat, but the more you love yourself the less you’ll compare yourself to others.

3. Jealousy is draining – don’t let it dominate you.

– Jealousy shouldn’t be the center of your life. While jealousy is normal in healthy and moderate amounts, how I was taking it was pretty much my whole center and it was the worst. The worst. Jealousy is draining and can make you go insane sometimes so I don’t get as jealous as before unless it’s required and it has been lovely to not get jealous because it can put a strain on your relationships (whether it be significant others, friendships, family, etc) and could possibly end them if it continues at an extreme level.

4. Friends drift apart and that’s okay.

– This is something I’m all too familiar with sadly, but it does happen. The friends I had in high school aren’t my friends anymore for different reasons of course, but even some friendships outside of high school/college have and it’s simply because people grow and people change. Friendships can last for decades, but they can also end in a minute. I’ve come to cherish the friendships I currently have and I’m okay with my small circle of close friends. Do I wish I was still friends with the others? Of course, but I’m not going to force a friendship if they don’t want to be my friend and that’s okay and luckily social media is around so keeping up with old friends isn’t as hard now as it was before social media came about and I’m thankful for that.

5. Not everyone thinks like you and it’s okay.

– I should know that everyone doesn’t think like me and I do now, but it wasn’t always like that. I always wanted others to think how I did and to agree with me if what I thought was correct or incorrect and it wasn’t like that and arguments would start and one day I was like well if all this is starting arguments why do I insist on them agreeing with me? You may think I’m crazy or something after reading that, but that’s exactly what I thought it should be, that I’m right and that’s that. Boy was I wrong completely, but I learned very quickly that everyone doesn’t think like me or agrees with me and that’s okay. We can civil and have a discussion, I won’t force you to believe what I believe, but at least listen to what I say and we can talk it out instead of arguing like cats and dogs. Definitely has helped me now at the age we are in, too.

6. Overthinking is exhausting – get a hobby.

– I’ve always been the time to overthink even the smallest thing. I would make up made up stories in my mind that were the farthest from what was actually happening and one night I was thinking “wow, this is getting out of hand, my own sanity is at risk with all this overthinking” and it really was, I would overthink to the point of major headaches and that my friends is not in the least bit healthy so I’m order for me to stop overthinking, I tried out a new hobby and the hobbies have been planning, filming videos and this very blog and I’m so glad for this because it’s helped me mentally and in a healthy manner.

7. Failures don’t define you – let them motivate you to do better.

– As you all may have known (or not haha) I recently was withdrawn from the nursing program and that was such a sad day for me, but later on I decided to let that be a lesson instead of something that defines me and my abilities. I’m going to try again and I’m going to give it my best. It’s my motivation to do and be better and it’s not going to define me or my abilities.

8. Don’t let others opinions of you and your abilities discourage you from you dream/goals – prove yourself by reaching those goals/dreams.

– I’ve always been told that I can’t do this because I’m this or I can’t do that because of this and I was so tired of hearing that on the daily that I decided to let it go, but to not let it discourage me from pursuing my dreams and goals. I’m not going to let others opinions of me stop me from pursuing my dream and I’ll prove it to myself – not so much to them- that I can do this and I will be good at this. Nothing is going to stop me from reaching my goal.

9. Don’t let time discourage you from reaching your goal – road blocks in life happen but that doesn’t mean you won’t reach your intended goal, keep working for it.

– If you’re like me and are currently in your mid- twenties feeling like you haven’t accomplished much in a timely manner – don’t let time discourage you. Life happens, road blocks happen, if you want to be a nurse or a lawyer, dental hygienist, etc pursue that career, pursue that dream of yours, don’t let time be the reason why you didn’t get to accomplish your goal. Everything in life takes time and in that moment maybe it wasn’t your time, but who’s to say your it isn’t now? It very well could be, but maybe you’re letting time get the better of you, well don’t let it get the better of you. Pursue your dream and be the best at it and enjoy every minute of it.

10. Take time for yourself – you deserve it.

– I’m the type of person who likes to keep busy or else I get very bored very easily so I tend to overwork myself sometimes and don’t let my brain or body breath. I learned that in nursing school. I worked and pulled all-nighters like you wouldn’t imagine and in the end it did take a toll on me because I didn’t let my brain nor my body rest properly. I’ve decided that if (and I hope to be) I am accepted back into the program this Fall, I will take better care of myself and let my brain and body breath even if it’s for 15 minutes (hopefully it’ll be more than that but you never really know haha) and just relax and manage my time wisely and efficiently. Take time for yourself – you’ve worked for it and deserve it.

So those are the lessons I’ve learned so far in my 25 years of living and I have a lot more to learn. I hope y’all enjoyed this post and I hope your weekend was a great one! 💖✨

What lessons have you learned so far?


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