15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 2 / Favorite Quote

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope it’s been a good one. Today is day 2 of the blog challenge and it’s all about my favorite quote. 🙂

So this blog post will be a bit shorter, but hopefully just as enjoyable to read.

When I get asked what my favorite quote is, I usually have a tough time picking one because I have so many haha. 😅 but if I had to only choose one it would be this :

I am a big lord of the rings fan and Sam has always been one of my favorites and he’s come with some good quotes and I really like this one.

I like to think positively even when it is hard to but I always think that there is more good than bad on this earth even though it may not seem like it at times, but all the good we are wanting in this world is definitely worth fighting for and really the quote just tugged at the heart strings for me when I first heard and read it. 😊

But like I said I have so many more quotes haha, but this one is special to me. 😊 this was one of my shorter posts, but I hope you enjoyed it, nonetheless and I would love to hear your favorite quote down in the comments below 😊.

Stay safe,


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