15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 5 & 6 – 5 Goals and What Am I Afraid Of

Happy Sunday, everyone! Today I have a double post yet again for y’all! Haha these may be a bit more common nowadays, but I hope you enjoy them, nonetheless. On the blog today I’ going to be sharing 5 goals with you all and what I’m afraid of, so let’s get into the post! 🙂

Day 5 – 5 Current Goals

1. Drink more water – this may be a common goal, but this is something I really want to improve on because I’m so bad at this haha. So far I have been doing good, but I definitely want to take out soda for good eventually.

2. Make more blog content – I have put this as a goal a few times and it is something I still stand by because while yes, I do this as a hobby, I still want to be consistent with my content and it can be tricky with work and school, but really it’s up to how I organize myself and see what ideas I can come up with and all that so definitely be on the lookout for more content (for real this time haha)! 🙂

3. Make more YouTube content – another thing I want to improve on making more YouTube content and be consistent with it and really for me, it’s been a lack of motivation/not being happy with what I make and that again stems on my own personal goals with stuff, but I definitely do want to make more content in the future.

4. Be more productive – for the most part, I feel like I am pretty productive, but something still feels off. I feel like I could be doing more and can accomplish more, but with my lack of motivation coming through a lot lately, it’s been hard to be more productive, but I do want to do more with my life and be more productive without burning out or feeling like I have to do this, but more so that I want to do this and so on and so forth. Have you ever felt this way? If you have let me know down in the comments and what you did to feel more productive! 🙂

5. Journal more – I’ve mentioned before in a post that I do journal and I love to look back and see what all I have said or how I’ve changed or grown since those years and while I do enjoy the memory journals, I miss the physical day to day journaling journey and I definitely want to get back to it and see how things change or what I learn from my experiences and all that. It may not be day to day, but it may be every other day and see how it goes and I may start this in June. 🙂 I will do an update once I’ve gathered all my points and what helped me and all that in the near future. 🙂

Day 6 – What Am I Afraid Of

I feel like we are all afraid of something, whether it is big or small. I have some that are minor and some that are more deep, but for today’s post I’ll share a few that I am comfortable sharing.

So first thing that I am afraid of is being alone. Something about being alone just scares me, in the sense of not being with my loved ones and being completely alone. It sounds extreme and far fetched, maybe, but it definitely is something that has kept me up just thinking about it at night. I don’t know what it is or where it came from but it’s definitely something I’m afraid of.

Another thing I’m afraid of is not accomplishing anything in my life whether it’s career related or more personal but I’m afraid of not accomplishing all that I want to and while I know I can’t accomplish everything, but lately I feel like I haven’t accomplished much and I definitely want to change that and look at the positives, but time definitely goes by fast so I almost feel like I’m on a time crunch of some sort. I know it’s more of a me vs me battle/mindset and I do want to improve on that, but this is definitely one of my fears.

So those are a couple of things I’m afraid of and if you have ever felt this way, definitely let me know how you overcame those thoughts or what one can do to not dwell on the negative, it would be greatly appreciated.

So that’s day 5 and 6 of the blog challenge today and it got a bit deep and personal there, but I hope y’all don’t mind seeing another side of me and I’m all about being open and sharing what I be feeling or thinking sometimes, but aside from that, I hope you all enjoyed this and I’ll be posting day 7 in a few hours so double blog post today, yay! 🙂

Stay safe,


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