Get To Know Me | Q&A Edition

Happy Thursday, y'all! Seeing as I've been gaining more followers recently I wanted to do more personal posts and I wanted to do this tag so here we are! I hope y'all get to know me better as a person and also a blogger and if you want to do this I'll leave the questions … Continue reading Get To Know Me | Q&A Edition

What’s In My Purse 2019| Michael Kors

Hey y'all, happy Monday, today's post is going to be a "What's in my purse" post, but before I get into it, I'd like to say that my little blog has gotten to 100 followers!! I know it's a small number to some, but to me it's a milestone because I love doing this and … Continue reading What’s In My Purse 2019| Michael Kors

My Current Favorites 2019

Happy Sunday, y'all! I hope you all have had a wonderful week and weekend! Today I'll be sharing my current favorites so far this year! 🙂 So my current favorites are simple , nothing too fancy or anything of the sort. It's more comfortable. And speaking of comfortable, I've really been enjoying these black slip … Continue reading My Current Favorites 2019

Instagram Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all! I hope it has been a great one! Today I'll be sharing some favorite Instagramers I have been following for a good bit now! It's going to be a mix of everything from home cleaning/home interior design, planner girls and nursing/medical field ladies so let's get into today's post! 🙂 Home Related  … Continue reading Instagram Favorites

Being In A Blogger’s Block

Hey y'all! So I didn't end up posting much last week and this is the reason why: I have blogger's block. So you're probably asking what exactly is blogger's block, well it's like writers block for bloggers, but both share similarities, nonetheless. Lately it's been a difficult task for me to come up with good … Continue reading Being In A Blogger’s Block

Going Back To The Gym : Thoughts, Struggles and Goals

Happy Monday, y'all! For today's post I'll be talking about my start to losing weight and going to the gym more and go through my thoughts, struggles and goals on this topic! Thoughts So as many of us, going to the gym for me has been a struggle ever since high school. I would go … Continue reading Going Back To The Gym : Thoughts, Struggles and Goals

Decluttering My Drawers & What I Do With My Clothes

Happy Friday, y'all! I finally have this post up (been busy, busy!) and today's post is gonna be me going through a declutter session and what I do with my clothes and how I've organized them so let's get into this post! My Decluttering Process So it's been a minute since I last did a … Continue reading Decluttering My Drawers & What I Do With My Clothes

What I Do On A Rainy Day

Happy Monday, y'all! Today is a rainy day and I wanted to share what I do on a typical rainy day! Now these are some activities I personally enjoy doing on a rainy day, but if you want to try these out I definitely encourage that! I would also enjoy hearing what y'all do on … Continue reading What I Do On A Rainy Day