My Current Favorites

Happy Monday, y'all! I hope your Monday has been a good one so far. Today I have class and while I have time before class starts at 10 am, I wanted to share my current favorites so far. I have recently tried some new products and some oldies and I have seen a such a … Continue reading My Current Favorites

Current Empties Ep. 1

Happy Sunday, y'all! Today I'll be sharing some recent empties that I have acquired over the last couple months. 🙂 So I've used up a lot of perfumes and I'm actually happy about that because it usually takes me a good bit to finish perfumes and here I've got four empties so not too bad, … Continue reading Current Empties Ep. 1

Skin Care Routine 2018

Happy Sunday, y'all! Today I'll be discussing the products I am currently using in my skin care routine along with my thoughts and holy grails I've been using for years. It's pretty simple and easy, nothing too extreme at all.  The first thing I do, every time, is use this Pacifica face wash and this … Continue reading Skin Care Routine 2018

L’OrĂ©al Hydrafresh Toner First Impressions + Review

Happy Monday, y'all! Hope today's been a great day for you all! Today I'll be doing a short and sweet first impressions/review on this L'OrĂ©al toner I recently purchased! So the L'OrĂ©al Hydrafresh Toner claims that it gently sweeps away dull, tired skin, protects against moisture loss, refreshes in a splash, reveals smoother, brighter complexion … Continue reading L’OrĂ©al Hydrafresh Toner First Impressions + Review

My Simple Skincare Routine

Happy Wednesday y'all! Today I'm going to be doing a short and sweet post about my very simple skincare routine and give a mini review about the two products that have changed my skin for the better! Let's get into the post! So like I mentioned before I don't really use too many products because … Continue reading My Simple Skincare Routine

Clinique Happy Gelato Body Cream Review

Happy Sunday, y'all! I hope it's been a good one! For today's post, I'll be doing, yet again, another mini review on the Clinique Happy Gelato Body Cream! So once open, it looks like a typical body cream, but you get a fragrance shortly after opening it and it's a very subtle, fresh scent. The … Continue reading Clinique Happy Gelato Body Cream Review

My Mask Collection

Happy Monday, y'all! I hope it's going good for y'all! With the weather getting colder by the minute, I wanted to talk about masks and my own personal mask collection. This weather can be rough on the skin and I have dry skin so I struggle with keeping my face hydrated and keeping it from … Continue reading My Mask Collection

November Favorites

Happy Friday and happy December, y'all! We're finally in December (aka my birthday month too! hehe) and I'm so happy about it because the tree will be up very soon and all the christmas lights will be lit, I just love this time of year! With November now being over, I wanted to share some … Continue reading November Favorites

My Current Favorites : Summer 2016

Happy Thursday, y'all! I hope your morning is going great so far! Before starting this post, I'd like to say, "Happy Birthday Mum!!" , today is my mum's birthday and today will definitely be a fun one! (: Also, it's already September!! Y'all this year is flying by so fast!! Crazy!! Alright, now for today's … Continue reading My Current Favorites : Summer 2016