Angel Veil Primer | NYX Review

Happy Wednesday, y’all! As mentioned on Twitter, this week I’ll be reviewing three NYX products that I’ve never tried before and for today I’ll be reviewing the Angel Veil Primer!

So the Angel Veil Primer is a skin perfecting primer and it’s oil free and states that it feels lighter than a cloud and it leaves looking divine.

This is a small size, it contains 1.02 fl oz (30 mL) so you don’t get too much nor less.

As you can see from the swatch, it’s a white, thick consistency and when I applied it onto my skin it did feel thick, but once I worked it well into my skin it did feel velvet-like.

As you see from the picture above it leaves a bit of a sheen finish and it’s pretty smooth once on the skin which I actually like in a primer, I don’t like it when it’s almost a tacky consistency even when blended out.

Overall my thoughts on this primer is that I do enjoy this primer and it does give my skin a nice finish and doesn’t leave an oily finish which I love. The price, however, is a bit much, but aside from that I do really enjoy this primer and will be using it a lot.

So that’s my mini review on the NYX Angel Veil Primer. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope your Wednesday has been a great one!

Have you used this primer before?


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