15 Day Blog Challenge – Day 3 & 4 – What I Wore & Why I Blog

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I’m coming with a double post since I wasn’t able to post yesterday due to a busy day but I hope y’all enjoy this post. Today I’m discussing what I wore (yesterday, technically haha) and why I blog. 😊

Day 3 – What I Wore Today

I went for a pretty casual look since it was actually cold outside and I got to bring out my cardigan which I’m always here for haha.

My top and jeans are from American Eagle , my shoes are from Steve Madden and my cardigan is from Maurice’s. 😊

I really love dressing like this and I would if it was fall all year round but sadly that can’t happen, but I really do love to dress casually but also comfy and cozy. 💜 I think I have more cardigans than anything in my closet and I just ordered another one last night honestly. Haha I need to be stopped, but if you’re a cardigan lover like me then you understand perfectly well. Haha 😂

Day 4 – Why Do I Blog

If I’m being honest whenever I get asked this question, my go to answer is “oh, it’s just for fun.” when really it’s just an easy way to switch to another subject because usually when I tell people I blog, they give a sort of look like “oh really? That’s a thing still” kind of look and I usually just stray away from that and change subjects, but I don’t want to do that anymore. It’s not like I’m ashamed, but I’d be lying if I’d said it’s not embarrassing in a way because while I know this is a public platform and I am putting myself out there, just the fact that my family members or anyone I know may read my blog, is kinda embarrassing haha 😂. I’m not sure if anyone has felt this way before, but it’s something I want to let go of and that’s really more of a me thing than a blog thing lol.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love to blog. I’ve been blogging on and off since I was 15 and I’m now 27 almost 28, so this isn’t my first rodeo haha. But now as I’m older, I don’t care about all that anymore as before and if I get asked why I just say because it’s something I love to do and I like to share things that may be relatable to other people who may stumble upon my blog.

I have been on and off lately, but that can’t be helped, life happens, but I sure do plan to blog more and do a sort of schedule so I can have everything organized and such. But I want to blog more personal things and give any tips or advice I can be of help in and just be more active in the blogging world again because I have missed it. A lot. So why do I blog, you ask? I blog because I love it and I enjoy what I do and want to expand more and see where this little blog takes me and I also want to look back at this and look at what all has happened and how far I’ve come since then. That is why I blog and will continue to blog until I can’t no more. 😊

So that’s day 3 and 4! I hope y’all enjoyed it and if you have any questions or blog ideas, definitely let me know down in the comments below, I’m always down for ideas and questions. 😊

Stay safe,


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